Opening: Carroll / Fletcher November 2012 Solo Exhibition

Featuring: John Akomfrah

‘Hauntologies’ was John Akomfrah’s first solo show and is a personal meditation on disappearance, memory and death; on the ways that past events, even if unrecorded, haunt and influence the present.

This exhibition marked a shift in Akomfrah’s practice, moving away from television and cinema contexts in which he has been operating since the 1980s, to return to his earlier experiments in the gallery space. Here, installation, image and sound expand and acquire an autonomy from each other, coexisting in a dialogue as they invoke past existences.

The virtuosity and depth of Akomfrah's practice is revealed in three new video, sound and installation works (Psyche, At the Graveside of Tarkovsky and Peripeteia) – never before presented in the UK – as well as a new presentation of a video essay from 1998 titled The Call of Mist (Redux).