Opening: Barbican Curve September 2017

Six channel HD colour video installation, 16.1 sound

62 minutes

Director: John Akomfrah

Producers: Lina Gopaul and David Lawson

Associate Producer: Ashitey Akomfrah

The second in the trilogy of projects that focus on the vitality and volatility of the natural world, Purple concentrates on the human impact on the environment and the (be) coming of the Anthropocene.

Weaving together a number of ecological and philosophical conversations – shifting weather patterns, the memory of ice, plastic oceans, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, biotechnology and AI – Akomfrah brings together a sublime collage of ideas, images and sounds.

Drawing on a vast array of archival and electroacoustic source material as well as newly shot material filmed in 10 different countries Purple is immersive, epic and horribly urgent.



Barbican – The Curve